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PC Coach por PC Coach

PC Coach has been producing athletic training software since 1993. Today’s generation of logbook software and training programs is the most intelligent, sophisticated and elegant athletic training software ever. With all these advances, PC Coach remains as simple and easy-to-use as always. Whether your goal is to get fit, lose weight, to finish the Boston Marathon or to set a personal record in the Ironman or a local 10k, PC Coach has the software for you.

Any of the coaching plug-in titles below can be purchased as a ‘bundle pack’ packaged together with the PC Coach Elite logbook the backbone of the PC Coach system, providing calendars for planning and logging your training and colorful and informative graphs for analyzing your results. Of course if you already own PC Coach Elite you can purchase additional coaching plug-ins for a reduced “add-on price” of just $29.95 (call us to purchase an add-on package).

These are the most flexible, customizable and comprehensive athletic training programs available in software. Each plan will interview you to find out your training experience, and goals. Then, based on your current fitness level and your race date, it will create the perfect training schedule for you.

Best of all, PC Coach software is integrated with Polar downloading HRMs and Timex data recorder. This allows you to download your HRM data after your workout, and track your data using the PCCoach software logbook.

There are two great ways to buy PC Coach software. Purchase PC Coach Bundle Packs (this pack includes PC Coach Elite and one training plan) on CD-ROM for just $69.95, or download your copy for just $64.95!

All PC Coach Software Titles are Microsoft Windows XP Compatible

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