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TCoach™ por TRACAB

TRACAB have for the football analysis market developed the product TCoach™. TCoach is intended to create a dynamic and interactive system for analyzing a football match. The basic idea is built around the TRACAB match data. The TRACAB Image Track- ing System™ collects positional data for all objects on the pitch in real-time 25 times per second.

This data is used to calculate different data points such as distance covered, speeds, passes, heat maps etc. TCoach uses this data for two purposes:

  • To calculate statistics from the match, and
  • Create a log to mark-up the match video to offer rendering of specific sequences from the match

System Output

The system provides the user with powerful tools to help understanding how the match evolves and why and how certain scenarios follow each other. TCoach will respond with both systematic and time related feedback to the user actions.

The feedback comes in different output formats including graphics, animations, video and plotting the actions on a timeline.

TCoach is supposed to stand a benchmark to any other football coach tool on the market today. TCoach is a central part of the Tracab offering for teams and clubs and the ambition is to offer it to all clubs in all leagues where the Tracab System is present.

All in all TCoach can be described to uncover the DNA of a football match.

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